Week 1: Question 5 - Reimagining Humanities Advocacy
  • Q5: Liu suggests that one of the responsibilities of DH is to create technologies that fundamentally reimagine humanities advocacy. Which technologies have started this work? Which, if any, DH projects you know about are intervening in humanities advocacy?
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  •  In terms of humanities advocacy I guess I'd tend to think of the organizations like HASTAC, with the 2 Million Americans http://hastac.org/news/president-clinton-announces-commitment-create-new-pathways-college-and-career-success-through-o

  • Just wanted to make another plug for Alan's 4Humanities initiative, which is predicated on the potential of DH in advocating for the humanities (also mentioned in his recent PMLA article). The idea has been to promote an array of humanites work at both the local and national (even international, though so far mostly in Western and countries) levels through various strategies. One example is the Humanities Showcase that highlights innovative and interesting humanities work that might appeal to general audiences or funding agencies. They continue to look for people who would be interested in starting branches at their own institutions, to start new projects, and to spread the word!

    My involvement has been limited, and from my own observation it looks like the structure and labor division of the project may be seeing strain, but it's a commendable project. I wonder, though, how visible and accessible (and therefore effective) such a project will be when almost everyone contributing to this is an academic. How we might include voices from outside US universities, to include more community activists (as @professormoravec spoke of elsewhere) or more voices from non-western institutions. It seems like there is a lot of opportunity for collaborating with groups like Global Outlook::DH and more local community oriented groups. 

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