Week 1: Question 4 - Institutional Affiliations
  • Q4: Liu identifies the potential for DH-ers to leverage institutional affiliations with access to networked public knowledge. What kinds of roles might we envision for DH-ers without institutional affiliations, DH-ers outside the R1 system, or DH-ers who are graduate students? What challenges do these relationships to institutions and to the academy present?
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  • I have been wondering about DH-Poco outside the U.S. And outside the university system defined by Carnegie classifications  that don't really make sense outside the U.S. I'm thinking about recent mobile technologies designed to help farmers get fair prices for their crops in Kenya (http://mfarm.co.ke/services) . On the face of it, this is about as distant from DH-Poco as one might get. What, after all, do the price of crops registered on cell phones have to do with digitizing archives or building tools to manage knowledge production online? Yet, such initiatives raise ongoing questions about the scope of what DH might be as it looks at actually existing practices of managing life. I'm very interested in what knowledge worlds exist alongside those being created in DH, because I think the challenge for DH-Poco is the same that it's always been for Poco: how to engage with the diverse lifeworlds that tend to remain invisible in non-Poco-based conversations.

    Right now, the humanities are threatened in Kenya: many new universities have opened, almost none of which offer classes in the humanities and almost all of which fetishize technology. I keep wondering if an expansively imagined DH-Poco can provide one paradigm for how to relate the humanities to technology. (I've switched gears.) One might imagine how DH can help to build bridges between different kinds of institutions and practices, but this, I think, would entail re-thinking the scope and possibilities for DH through re-engaging with the ethics of postcolonial critique. 
  • Following onto this, I ask on this week's ProfHacker: How do you practice the digital humanities outside of the U.S. research institution? http://chronicle.com/blogs/profhacker/open-thread-dh-outside-of-the-research-university/50919

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